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Quick Idea 3: Bookmarks

Content Area(s)/Course/Grade: All (6 -12th) Lesson Topic: Literary Bookmarks Teacher: Librarian Expectation(s): Students will create...

Contest 2: Graphic Novel Ads & Story

OVERVIEW Students will create graphic ads showing why they belong at their school library based on popular graphic novels. Students will...

Large Programming: March Book Madness

OVERVIEW This promotion explores a March Madness for books. It’s a reading competition where books are voted on to see which is the...

Multiple Days: Explore the Blues

OVERVIEW Explore Blues music and its influence on American popular music. This lesson can coincide with National and/or International...

Contest 1: Caught You Reading

Overview Get Caught Reading contests can coincide with an of the national reading/library events like: I Love to Read Month (February),...

Quick Idea 2: Copyright and Fair Use

Content Area(s)/Course/Grade: All (7-8th) Lesson Topic: Copyright & Fair use Indicator(s)/Sub-Outcome(s)/Expectation(s): Students will...

Quick Idea 1: First Chapter Fridays

Content Area(s)/Course/Grade: ELA (K-12) Lesson Topic: Reading Engagement & Independent Book Selection Indicator(s)/Sub-Outcome(s)/Expect...

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“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”

Dorothy Parker

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