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A Simple Guide to Blog Readers

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

MOST OF US are bombarded with daily emails, subscriptions, and social media posts. We either waste time skimming through everything or delete it all and potentially miss important content. How do we streamline the process or read all our news in one spot? An RSS reader is the answer! RSS is an acronym for “really simple syndication.” This tool allows the reader to talk to your favorite websites and some of them allow you to organize your email newsletters, Facebook pages, Twitter searches, podcasts, and more. Most of the readers feature built-in search and suggestions, so it makes feeds easy to locate.

After researching RSS readers, I quickly had opinions about what makes a good one. I started with two “Best Of” list including one from Wired, which specializes in content that “illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives” (Wired, 2022). From these lists, there were a few great apps in common and I checked to see if they met my basic criteria. Each of the 3 apps are all polished, easy to use, and put content front and center. The last thing I need in my day is one more location that requires me to weed through information. For the 3 apps that met my basic criteria, I imported the list of blogs that I want to subscribe to decide which one would be the best fit. After using each one over the course of a week, there are two that stood out from the pack.

My favorite RSS readers

  • Inoreader offers a well-designed interface, good search and discovery options, and a nice set of features that are beginner-friendly

  • Feedly for the best all-around free feed RSS reader

Inoreader is my first choice for an RSS feed reader. It is very user friendly, but more importantly, it’s visually easy to navigate with large thumbnails that give you a quick snippet of what to expect. Typically, feed readers look like your email inbox and can quickly become full of clutter just like everything else. There is a web interface as well as a mobile option that works with both iOS and Android.

Inoreader delivers more than just RSS feeds – you can add email newsletters, Facebook pages, podcasts and more. Plus, advanced users will love the monitoring and automation features that are available with a Pro account.

Feedly is a popular RSS feed reader that lets you organize and read all your favorite blogs in one convenient place. At first glance, it’s not as visually intuitive as Inoreader. But after interacting with it a little more, I am hard pressed to decide my favorite pick until I spend a little more time with them. Like Inoreader, Feedly offers iOS and Android apps along with a web interface.

I like Feedly, but for varied reasons. The search feature is easy to locate at the top of the page and allows you to instantly search through several site categories much like an OPAC system. Below the search bar, Feedly provides featured categories that are depicted by large descriptive thumbnails and additional categories are highlighted by featured content providers. A Pro subscription enables more features like notes for Evernote, and ad-free reading. Feedly’s most impressive feature is the AI research assistant that keeps your feeds clutter free and surfaces the content you really want. One feature that I really love is that outdated blogs are identified as “inactive”, which is a useful feature and makes Feedly an excellent choice.

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3 opmerkingen

03 dec. 2022

I prefer the free feed reader Feedly. In my opinion, this particular feed reader is easy to navigate and is visually organized in a friendly manner. I have been able to easily find and follow specific websites and blogs that are of interest to me.


Alma Rios
Alma Rios
29 nov. 2022

Hello Brandi,

Before this module, I had no clue there was such a thing as RSS Readers! What a great way to keep all our digital apps organized in one place. After doing my research, I also chose Feedly as it was simple to understand and use as a beginner. Before I would bookmark most of my favorite and most used websites on my Google account but would struggle to find them when I needed them. I'm really looking forward to becoming more accustomed to using my feed reader. Thanks for suggesting the 5 Best Blogs for Librarians, will definitely be adding them to my feed reader.


Elyanna Gonzalez
Elyanna Gonzalez
13 sep. 2022

Thanks for sharing the 5 Best Blogs for Librarians. I noticed I had added the Daring Librarian as one of mine. She seems to be present in most of the other blogs I've seen. After reviewing, several of your other ones I'll be adding them to my feed reader.

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