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Quick Idea 1: First Chapter Fridays

Content Area(s)/Course/Grade: ELA (K-12)

Lesson Topic: Reading Engagement & Independent Book Selection


Students will be exposed to a variety of literature and be exposed to new genres, authors, characters, and perspectives.

Student Outcome(s):

Students will actively listen to a book chapter by creating sketch notes (visual notes). Students will engage in a book discussion and/or book selection. Students will create a “To Be Read” Log or Bookmark at the end of the reading session.


TAC 239.55 (1.9) - Direct and encourage students to read a variety of fiction and nonfiction resources for personal and informational needs

ISTE - 6a. Foster a culture where students take ownership of their learning goals and outcomes in both independent and group settings.

Instructional Delivery


  • High-Interest Book List – Categories: YA/Fiction/Fantasy/Graphic Novel/Diverse Representation

  • Books – Physical Copy or Access to Sora/Libby

  • Bulletin Board Elements

  • Reproductions of Book Covers

  • Announcements – Broadcast & Social Media

  • QR-codes of Authors Reading First Chapters

  • Sketch Note Template or Notebooks

Instructional Procedures:

TL will introduce the 1st chapter of a book each week to a group of students and promote the books via posters, bulletin boards, and displays.

  • During reading, students will create sketch notes while actively listening to the story.

  • After reading, students will engage in discussion about the book with peers and teacher.

  • Post-discussion, students may check out the book or sign-up for the book lottery to check out the book next. Students will then create/maintain a “To be Read” bookmark or book log.

  • Sketch Notes will be collected to review: answers to “Are you interested in reading this book?”, participation, and responses. You may grade for participation, but limit to participation only as the activity is meant to encourage reading.

Assessment/Evaluation (Formative/Summative)

Formative Assessment: Students complete sketch notes and include details regarding 1st impressions, main characters, important details, and questions. It should also include if they want to read more. Why or Why Not?

Closure: Students will keep a log or bookmark of books they want to read.



Follett - Lauralee Moss

Chomping at the Lit

Spark Creativity

The Colorful Apple


TEA 19 TAC Chapter 239

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