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Quick 4: Scavenger Hunt


This activity serves as an introduction to library resources both online and offline. It is intended as a basic introduction to library resources.


Students will be able to:

· Locate resources within the library

· Use online resources to answer research questions

· Use a QR Code to scan QR posters that reveal a clue to find the next destination in the library


TAC 239.55 (1.4) Direct and encourage students in the ethical use of resources to locate, gather, select, synthesize, and evaluate relevant information


  • List of scavenger hunt clues and answers

  • Laminate set of QR Posters

  • Scavenger Hunt worksheets or google form to record answers

  • iPads or cell phones


Small Group: Classes will be divided into teams of 4-5 students. Each team will be given a Scavenger Hunt worksheet to complete or it can be provided on a google form as well.

If giving a grade for this assignment, follow these criteria:

  • Complete answers to each question. If completing the paper option, students do not have to answer questions in order and can skip around to answer the easiest questions first.

  • Questions must be answered correctly to receive credit

  • Answer as many questions as possible in the time given


Move Quickly - Remember that the goal is for you to discover and become familiar with the library resources so you can better locate materials you will need for future class projects.

Record Answers – Complete answers on the scavenger hunt paper – only one sheet for each team. Include all team member names.

Be Careful – The library is tricky and some questions don’t have “obvious” answers!



Garfield High School Library Scavenger Hunt

Library Scavenger Hunt

Library Scavenger Hunt – Middle School by Emma Majure

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