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Quick 5: Banned Book Escape Room


This activity serves as an activity to engage students in Banned Books Week. The activity can be either printable or digital. Students will collaborate to solve challenges while learning about the history behind Banned Book Week and previously banned titles. Be sure older lists and avoid titles that my be under current reconsideration in your district.


Students will be able to:

· Locate resources within the library

· Use online resources to answer research questions

· Use problem-solving skills to collaborate with classmates to solve each challenge


TAC 239.55 (3.5) Model information problem-solving processes in providing instruction about reference and research techniques; (6.9) Understand and model principles of intellectual freedom, information access, privacy, and proprietary rights; (6.11) Use varied reading materials, programs, and motivational strategies to guide the development of independent readers.


  • ŸInstructional Document

  • Clue or Task Cards (printable version)

  • Colored Paper (printable version)

  • Google Form (digital version)

  • Digital Lock Examples (digital version)

  • iPads or cell phones (digital version)

  • Recording Sheet (digital and print)

  • Answer Keys (digital and print)


Small Group: Classes will be divided into teams of 4-5 students. Each team will be given a Recording Worksheet to complete. For the digital version, create a google form.

Printable Version:

  • Start each group with Task 1:

  • When they have solved the first task, they will record the answer and show you their answer sheet. If it is correct, give them the next task sheet, etc.

  • Groups must solve each task as quickly as possible. When they have solved all of the tasks, they will learn where the books have been hidden and be able to rescue them.

Digital Version:

  • Students can use their phone or library iPad to access the Google Form and open the digital locks.

  • Librarian can show students examples of the locks before the activity begins and should discuss helpful tips.

  • Students will work at their own pace and record their answers on the recording sheet as they work through the activity.

  • Students will read about the history of Banned Book Week, use a word bank to list reasons why books have been banned in the past, complete a puzzle with several banned book examples, use a secret code to decipher facts about banned books.

  • The team to break the codes and “escape” first win the challenge and will receive a pre-determined prize.


Move Quickly - Remember that the goal is for you to discover and become familiar with the library resources so you can better locate materials you will need for future class projects.

Record Answers – Complete answers on the recording – only one sheet for each team. Include all team member names.



Banned Books Breakout – by Lacey Librarian

Banned Books Escape Room – by Loquacious Learning

Digital Escape Room – by Chambers Creations

Free the Book – Digital Breakout

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