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Quick 6: Book Double Challenge


Students will recreate a book cover by using things you have at home or the props available in the library. Book Cover Double is inspired by the Getty Museum art challenge during Covid quarantine. This would be a great way to collaborate with the theater and/or art dept.


Students will be able to:

  • Create a photo of a book cover by “reenacting” the cover scene

  • Use an online photo editing program or app to create images

  • Problem solve using their imagination and limited supplies to recreate an image/illustration


TAC 239.55 (6.11) – Use varied reading materials, programs, and motivational strategies to guide the development of independent readers;



  • Selection of Book Ideas

  • Book Cover Double examples (printed or slideshow)

  • Props & Supplies

  • Scissors

  • Video – BookCoverDouble Challenge or create your own video instructions


  • Whole Group: Students will look at previous designs to spark inspiration and see how others used the resources around them to create an image. Librarian will review the instructions and optional tools used to re-create a book cover.

  • Small Group: Students may work in teams or independently. After viewing some pre-selected books, students can browse the OPAC or Sora for inspiration. Once they have selected a book, students will make a list of possible materials they will need. Nothing should be purchased as we’ll want students to flex their imagination.

  • Video: Students will watch the BookCoverDouble video prior to the activity

  • Think/Pair/Share: Students will brainstorm ideas of elements they can use to illustrate the cover of their book.

  • Individual or Small Group: Students will create any elements that they need for their book cover and re-enact the scene. Once they have taken the photo, students will edit their photo using an online editor or phone app.

  • Group Activity: If time allows, students can share and explain their book covers to the class. Students will discuss the process and how they made creative decisions during the activity.


Formative Assessment: After the activity, students will fill out feedback forms or questionnaires to determine whether the lesson was informative, engaging, and help you to evaluate the lesson.

Closure: Librarian will display the book covers in various places to encourage students to read books from the challenge. Librarian will post BookDoubles on all social media accounts. The teams with the winning designs will receive a free book.



Covid Classics

Emmaus Public Library’s #BookCoverDouble Challenge

Getty Museum’s Art Challenge

NYPL’s #BookCoverDouble Challenge

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