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Quick Idea 2: Copyright and Fair Use

Content Area(s)/Course/Grade: All (7-8th)

Lesson Topic: Copyright & Fair use


Students will discuss the importance of copyright, fair use, and the significance of copyright law through exploration of different scenarios.

Student Outcome(s):

Students will be able to

  • Define “copyright” and explain how it applies to creative work

  • Describe their rights and responsibilities as creators

  • Apply copyright principles to real life scenarios


TAC 239.55 (1.4/3.2) – Model and promote the highest standard of conduct, ethics, and integrity in the use of the Internet and other print and electronic resources

ISTE - 3b. Students evaluate the accuracy, perspective, credibility and relevance of information, media, data or other resources.

AASL Standards – 3.3/1.1/1.4/3.1/5.2

Instructional Delivery


  • Lesson Slides

  • Handout – What’s Copyright?

  • Photograph – National Geographic (June 1985 – “Afghan Girl”)

  • Video – Commons Sense: Creativity, Copyright, and Fair Use

  • Articles – Copyright: Issues in the News

Instructional Procedures:

  • Whole Group: Students will look at a National Geographic photo of the famous ‘Afghan Girl’ and discuss the image and what it represents. Then discussion will focus on thoughts about the photographer, the subject, and subsequent use of this photo.

  • Discussion: If you were the photographer, how would you want others to be able to use this photo? Would you want other to be able to do the following? Copy it? Change or alter it? Make money from it? - Circle choice and explain

  • Next, students will read the article ‘Afghan Girl’ Finally Gets a Home and review the previous discussion questions.

  • Think/Pair/Share: Define the word “creator.” Describe our rights and responsibilities as creator

  • Small Group: What’s Copyright? Key Vocabulary – Intellectual Property/Copyright/License/Attribute/Plagiarism. Read each term aloud with your group. Then, use the Word Bank to complete the Fill-in-the-Blank scenarios. Review the correct answers by letting students share.

Video: Students will watch the Creativity, Copyright, and Fair Use video prior to group activity

Group Activity: Divide the class into 5 different groups and give each group a copyright article.Let the groups read over the situation in the article and discuss.Then have each group describe what was happening in the articles and present to the class their opinions on why this was a copyright issue.

Assessment/Evaluation (Formative/Summative)

Formative Assessment: Read allowed an example scenario that is relevant to the current classroom assignment. After you finish, have students give a thumbs up or a thumbs down for whether this is OK, according to copyright protections.

Allow students to hold their thumbs up or down and invite students to share out their reasoning. Clarify the correct answer based on the scenario you provided and then provide the reasons why or why not it was a copyright violation.

Closure: Librarian could provide a quick multiple choice quiz (5 questions) at the end of the lesson to provide additional feedback on understanding.



Common Sense


TPT - Kaycee's Classroom


TEA 19 TAC Chapter 239

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